No. 4 Pink & Black Pepper Sea Salted Caramels

By Artisan du Chocolat

Since creating the famous sea salted caramels for Gordon Ramsay’s menu at Claridge's in 2002, Artisan du Chocolat has pushed the boundaries of sugar, spice and all chocolate things nice. The N°4 caramel infused with pink and black peppercorns has a sweet yet savory taste finishing in a gentle pleasant heat.

What would a dinner table be without its salt and pepper, ubiquitous staples in every kitchen? It was in France that salt met its inevitable spicy partner, pepper. The court of Louis XIV, precursor of classic French cuisine, viewed all Middle Eastern spices as vulgar ingredients that masked the true flavor of a dish, except pepper. Pepper earned its place on our dinner tables through the favor of the Roi-Soleil and 300 years later made it to Artisan du Chocolat’s cult liquid salted caramels.

Approximately 25 caramels

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