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Founded in 2002 by Mongolian designer and creative director Oyuna Tseredorj, OYUNA has a deep-seated bond to the heritage of the region’s cashmere. It is a bond that is unique in the world of contemporary cashmere, and one that has grown only stronger since Oyuna left her home to advance her work in Hungary and Paris. Finally settling in London, Oyuna works with an international team united by the desire to truly push the boundaries of cashmere product.

Mongolian Cashmere
Cashmere has long been shackled by the conservatism of traditional European design. It is a fabric that originated some millennia ago, an ultra-soft form of defence against some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain. OYUNA sources every fibre of its cashmere from one of its most ancient providers, Mongolia. It is a part of the world that once saw horseback warriors and hardy shepherds alike wrapping themselves in the down of straying Tibetan goats: essential respite from the country’s wildly varying landscapes.

Design Ethos
A nomadic sense of adventure is present in everything OYUNA crafts, as strongly influenced by the restless creativity of London as it is the wild roots of Mongolian cashmere. From the iconic, multi-purpose travel blankets to the seasonal clothing collections, each piece is as progressive as it is mindful of the material’s intrinsic qualities. It is resolutely uncompromising in its execution. It is softly-rendered luxury forged for a hard-wearing lifestyle.

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