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Noor Fares is a young London-based jewellery designer who draws her inspiration from her time spent travelling and exploring the different cultures of countries all over the world. Noor grew up in a creative family, playing in her designer aunt’s atelier and making things out of whatever came to hand. Her fascination for the beautiful pieces found in her mother’s jewellery box soon progressed to many hours spent amongst the souks and flea markets she encountered on her travels.

On leaving school, Noor took a degree in History of Art where she expanded her knowledge and appreciation of Fine Art,enriching her taste and informing her inspiration. At this time, Noor’s love for fine jewellery grew and she began to design and commission her own pieces.

This led to her taking a course at the GIA where she expanded her knowledge on the craftsmanship of jewellery-making and the properties of precious stones. In turn, Noor’s personal creations drew admiration from friends and family, naturally leading to the launch of her own brand N.oor in 2009. Over the past three years, Noor has grown as an international designer and thus her brand has developed to be titled as her namesake today: Noor Fares.

In reference to the talismans’s and charms from the many cultures which have touched her, Noor’s collections combine new and interesting materials – bronze, exotic woods from ebony to jet, diamonds and gemstones of every shade – and always with hidden protection in the form of lucky motifs. The protective eye which is so much a part of her Lebanese heritage is always engraved on the inside of most pieces.

Noor is currently enrolled as a post-graduate at the internationally renowned Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design in London.

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