Myriam Schaefer

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An exquisite weightlessness allied to classical pure lines is the most striking quality of Myriam Schaefer’s inaugural line of leather bags. She obsessively pays attention to understated details: raised arrow-shaped handles for an easy grab, thin bright saffron leather linings inspired from the XIXth century purses, silver stamped griffe with her name and serial numbers printed as in Haute Couture.

“I selfishly thought of the bags I would like to have and I created them! I created bags which could pass through times, whatever the meaning of passing through times is!” she confessed.

The most beautiful skins and handcraft skills match her demand for the highest quality. She tries them on to improve their functionality, willing to conciliate weightlessness, structure and elegance as to suit the modern women’s lifestyle. A certain sense of luxury combining an extremely contemporary style and refined craftsmanship.