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She made dance her universe of expression for 10 years. He found in sports a space in which to move, contemplating the limits and textures of nature. From their interest in movement and aesthetic rigor arose Lapima, a sunglasses label profound in creation, original in essence. Lead by the couple Gisela and Gustavo Assis, it’s based on an exercise of constant experimentation. In its search for authenticity, it has proven to be a disruptive presence in Brazilian design, with geometrical lines that play with light and shadow in frames carved in Italian acetate.

“I’m a lover of objects, interested in volumes and shapes. The design of our sunglasses is a constant aesthetic exercise”, says Gustavo. He creates pieces that delicately frame the face while still evoking a sharp image, full of attitude. By leaving the comfort zone and deconstructing and experimenting with the improbable, the duo arrives at a final object that acts as a breather in the urban chaos, a new world perspective. More than an accessory, it’s a lens through which to see life.

Launched in 2016, Lapima was nursed for two years in a conversation between shape, content, history and quality. Time is essential to get lost in the traces that mix Brazilian nature with deconstructivist architecture. Cities, forests and beaches are woven together in creations that erase exaggerations and reveal the beauty of the subtlest of details. By uniting cutting-edge technology and handmade, it also unites modern lines and vintage elegance into timeless designs.

Under the founders’ gaze and in their atelier in São Paulo, the pieces are manufactured by artisans, born from dialogs as intense as the product itself. It’s not fashion. It’s not a trend. It’s timeless design and complete technical mastery. “We live Lapima 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The rhythm is frenetic, the self improvement, constant. The final result, calm” says Gisela. By overcoming traditional aesthetic limits with an avant-garde vision, graphic traces and sinuous movements, the label is an invitation for individuality shaped in Brazil.