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Born in Mumbai, Jayshree spent her childhood living in various cities throughout India including New Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Indore, Madras, and Ahmedabad. Along the way, Jayshree and her family made many friends, many of whom now serve as her points of access to royal Indian jewelry.

In 1999, Jayshree decided to combine her interest in fashion with her background in antiques and address the lack of antique finery in the high end Texas jewelry market.

Traveling to India and collaborating with her connections, Jayshree acquired a few choice pieces which sold quickly. As her knowledge of the jewelry’s histories grew, so too did her fascination. She was awed by the opulence and wealth of the great maharajas and their extravagant love of jewels. The maharajas demanded perfection from their craftsmen, which is reflected in some of the most elaborately detailed pieces in the world. The jewelry is typically 22 karat gold and was made at a time when there were no limits on how much time and attention could be spent, sometimes hours and even months were dedicated. If only these jewelry pieces could talk…what stories and histories they must have because the Indian Raj period is one of the most opulent in history.

Although the supply of royal Indian pieces is limited and difficult to find, Jayshree is determined to meet the challenge and continues to press her connections. Each trip to India is akin to a treasure hunt, whose bounty decreases with each passing year. In addition to antique royal pieces laden with history, Jayshree also imports high quality contemporary pieces. Jewelry is her passion, and she also creates new pieces that integrate gold, silver, and semi-precious stones to supplement her collection.

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