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Exquisite hand beaded fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship are the hallmark of Elizabeth Phillips Designs, couture beaded pillows. Elizabeth began translating her love of haute couture fashion to the home environment, during her early days modeling in Paris. Later, her unique style as an interior designer, discerning eye, and high standards of quality and professionalism garnered her a following amongst celebrity clients; and, enabled her to quickly build a portfolio of internationally published work.

Each of Elizabeth’s pillows is an individual work of art: made with the finest trims and fabrics, sourced from around the world; requiring over 150-hours of hand-beaded craftsmanship. As such, they are appropriately signed and numbered on an engraved metal label that is hand sewn onto the back panel.It’s little wonder, then, that the media acclaims her unique and elegant creations as, “the jewelry in the room”.

From the onset Elizabeth’s first design studio, Morrison & Company, became an industry leader, setting a new standard in high-end pillow design. When acquired by a leading national design firm in 2003, Elizabeth took time off to resettle her young family on a farm “Down Under” with her Australian-born, director / cinematographer husband, where she raised their children and reinforced family ties both inAmerica and Australia.

Elizabeth continued evolving her art, exploring new techniques, fabrics and embellishments; and, when the family relocated to the United States 7 years later, she launched Elizabeth Phillips Designs, to again pursue the tradition of creating, exquisite, one-of- a-kind, luxurious pillows, reminiscent of haute couture accessory pieces.

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