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Eli Halili is the Creative Director and Founder of Eli Halili Jewelery & Design. Seller of one of the most sought-after fine jewelry collections in the world. A graduate from the Gemological Institute of America in New York, Eli has been the owner of a successful boutique at 250 Mott Street in New York City for the past six years.

Born and raised on a Moshav in central Israel, Eli always enjoyed exploring the various ancient market places for treasures old and new. This quest for exploration led him to travel the world, eventually bringing him to New York. He worked for an internationally renowned diamond company after graduation then went on to pursue his dream of leaving his own mark on the city.

He opened his first store on the northern part of Mott Street, it helped transform Nolita into the fashion magnet it is today. The store now carries a collection of Eli’s creative designs along with collaborations with other designers and their creations.

The coveted collection, with its one-of-a-kind pieces, has caught the eye of top celebrities and stylists. Vanity Fair, ELLE, Vogue, Allure and The New York Times all photograph and feature the Eli Halili Collection on regular basis. It even made appearances in a few Hollywood movies and TV shows.

The Eli Halili Collection is currently sold in selected specialty stores and at his retail location. New offerings, made from using both precious and semi-precious stones as well as ancient coins, will be on display in an upcoming location coming soon. Eli continues to draw inspiration from his heritage and the beauty of Israel, with its diverse landscapes, ancient sites and ongoing renewal and innovation.

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