• Ambrarem - Oud Animal

    By Histoires de Parfums


    Top Note: Pink Peppercorn, Elemi
    Heart Note: Iris Absolute, Oud, Saffron
    Base Note: Castoreum Absolute, Bourbon Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber

    An expression of desire and passion, Ambrarem is a force of irresistibility that stirs the senses. A dramatic alchemy composed of marine, distinct anamalic notes from Oman waters. A white rose craves for the touch of a precious untamed iris as the proufoundly green gaic casts a spell of addictive raw pleasure… A lethal dose of power

    Perfumer Gerald Ghislain transforms and redefines with his creative brilliance. Dominated by the rare and precious Oud, this exclusive collection is deliberately embellished with a palette of Petrol, Rose and Amber; materials long used in traditional perfumery. He has revealed their fierce strength, veracity and raw beauty, making each an emblem of our natural Earth, undisturbed by human interference - plants, minerals & animals. 

    Petroleum, Ambrarem & Rosam - a modern inception of Oud. When the Aquilaria tree, a once pale-colored, thriving wood becomes infected with a type of mushroom, it defends itself by exuding a dark and rare resin. Oud or Agar wood is born…Traditionally used in the far east lands and highly esteemed for its aromatic power, it is an essence so fragrant, complex and rich, that we imagine it being used by Arabian Kings. It is a precious gift from the Earth’s naturality. 

    Edition Rare size – 2 fl. oz.

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