• 1969 (féminine & masculine)

    By Histoires de Parfums

    Gourmand oriental; féminine & masculine

    Top Note: Fruit of the sun, Peach.
    Heart Note: Rose, White Flowers, Cardamom, Clove
    Base Note: Patchouli, Chocolate, Coffee, White Musk

    The carnal sensuality of a voluptuous bunch of spices. In the trail of this oriental gourmand, mystery is tinted with eroticism that the mythical year of 1969 evokes without a blush.

    Notes: peach, chocolate, coffee, white musk.
    Moods: warm, sensual 1969, an erotic year…this perfume represents the sexual revolution and evokes an intense sensuality, accentuated by white musk and intense chocolate.

    Standard Size – 4 fl. oz.


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