• 1899 (masculine)

    By Histoires de Parfums

    Ernest Hemingway

    Oriental woody; masculine

    Top Note: Italian bergamot, juniper, black pepper
    Heart Note: Orange blossom, Florentine Iris, Cinnamon
    Base Note: Vanilla, Vetiver, amber

    Gérald Ghislain created an oneiric scent for 1899. The top notes of Italian bergamot, juniper and pepper are intended to be the aperitif that sparks the conversation and awakens the palate in anticipation of the meal. Following “Papa” from Spain to Italy with Mediterranean scents that evaporate to leave place to a darker mood, where the amber and vetiver mixed is reminiscent of the waxed wood of a Cuban bar top. The exotic meets the familiar, the tropical heat is cooled off by a glass of scotch.

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